Una Corda is the new Kontakt keyboard from Native Instruments that electronically provides pure, natural sounds with one string per key.

In Italian, ‘una corda’ means ‘one string’. Classically trained pianists also know the phrase as the name of a grand piano’s ‘soft’ pedal, which shifts the hammers so they strike fewer strings in the middle and upper registers, and less of each single bass string. The result is a soft, pure tone with strong natural resonance.

Una Corda faithfully captures the special sound signature of a custom-made contemporary piano with one string per key – originally created by David Klavins in close collaboration with composer Nils Frahm. Whether you’re crafting melodies for film or simply introducing fresh elements into electronic, pop, or jazz, Una Corda offers a tone unlike anything your audience has heard before.

With the Una Corda you can draw from three separate sound banks. The first captures the pure, resonant sound produced when each piano hammer strikes a single string. The second and third capture two preparations of material between hammers and strings. Felt offers a gentle tone with reduced attack noise, creating a smooth sound akin to an unplugged vintage electric piano. Cotton delivers a noisier, percussive attack with more overtones.

Use the Una Corda to transform the sound by accessing unique noise and sound design elements. Dial up the noise from fabric preparations, mechanical elements, pedals, and the room to enhance realism or create something entirely new. Incorporate hiss, compression, and saturation from vintage outboard gear to generate anything from dry, gritty textures to liquid pads and swirling effects.

An easy-to-use interface gives you full control of instrument parameters. Select from three distinct sound banks. Use the Workbench to sculpt the primary characteristics of the sound. Adjust the dynamic characteristics and add overtones in the Response section. Then polish your sound in the Finish section by integrating vintage effect chains, reverbs, and more. The interface allows you to easily transform a pure-sounding piano into a noisy, percussive instrument or ambient soundscape.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD8rs_AMHZ0?rel=0&w=640&h=360]