The latest Apple Music for Android beta adds a new option to some users that should making switching streaming services a breeze.

Some users on Apple Music for Android 4.7.0 beta are seeing a new pop-up at the top of the Library. It reads:

Transfer Music from Other Services

Add saved music and playlists you made in other music services to your Apple Music library.

Get Started

According to those seeing the dialogue, this option currently doesn’t work, but shows Apple are working on the idea.

Image Credit: _22cm_ on Reddit

This is enabled through integration with SongShift, a popular option for those looking to switch music streaming services. While there are many third-party tools that enable transferring, they are restrictive without paying a fee. A built-in tool would no doubt ease the process and hopefully include paid features at no cost.

As a previous user of SongShift, I hope that Apple Music and other music streaming services adopt easy ways to transfer music between services.

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