Music and Podcasts, what’s next for Spotify? Audiobooks

Spotify look to “imagine new possibilities for what AudioBooks can be” with a brand new division to create and release them.

Earlier this year Spotify launched a free audiobook reading of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by top stars from the wizarding world, including Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter himself. It seems the success of that has tipped Spotify towards its next venture after successfully going hard on podcasts.

A new job advert sees Spotify seeking a new ‘Head of Audio Books’ for their New York offices. This person will be responsible for overseeing the creation and strategy of new audio books for their music streaming platform. They seem to have a focus on re-imagining how audiobooks are consumed.

Spotify have already diverged from their music streaming roots in a big way in recent years. They have pushed hard on podcasts and have seen a huge uptake in podcasts listeners as a result. They now have exclusive to some of the podcasting world’s biggest players like Joe Rogan and the Obama’s.

Audiobooks are huge and currently platforms like Audible offer a huge library of the world’s books in audio form for subscription costs or a one-time charge. If Spotify intend to release audiobooks for free in the way they did Harry Potter at Home then they could seriously shake up the current state of audiobooks.

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