Google’s Music Week on Inside Guide gives you fun ways to play, collab and learn music

Inside Guide brings together four weeks of fun activities to fill your summer days spent indoors with music, art, nature and culture.

Google have been building small applications since 2009, that test new web and mobile technologies to challenge themselves. Google calls these “Experiments”. The newly-launched Inside Guide brings together their favourite online based experiments, games and activities. All are entirely web based and free, requiring no installation or account.

This weeks activities focus around music, with three experiements; Shared Piano, Chrome Music Lab and Body Synth.

Shared Piano is a great way for you and your friends to play live music together online. Input note using a MIDI or computer keyboard and output a selection of different instruments. Share your unique link to invite up to 10 friends at once. Share Piano can even be used to remotely teach music or collaborations.

Chrome Music Lab gives you thirteen ways to make, visualize and learn about how music works via hands-on experiments.

Body Synth turns your body into an instrument. Using your webcam and body tracking, just move around to start generating sounds. Each part of your body plays a different note or sound.

Find all of Google’s Inside Guides here.

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