MF Doom’s Estate To Release Alternate Version Of ‘Dead Bent’ Video As An NFT

Image credit: Adam Bhala Lough via YouTube

MF Doom’s estate jumps in with the NFT hype as they list alternate version the late rappers ‘Dead Bent’ video as an NFT.

The late rappers estate has listed an alternate version of the music video to the 1999 MF Doom track ‘Dead Bent’.

Director Adam Bhala Lough, who directed the original video told Pitchfork that only he and the colorist has seen the alternate version. The video was filmed in New York City in November 2000 and was shot using 16mm
Kodak 7231 Plus-X negative black and white film.

The NFT is currently up for auction with a reserve of 99.00 Ether, roughly £190,590. Fifty percent of the money will go to the late rapper’s estate.

This isn’t the first NFT to be auctioned since MF Doom’s passing in October last year. There were also augmented reality versions of his iconic mask being auctioned off early last month.

NFTs or Non-Fungible-Tokens is a way to purchase art digitally using cryptocurrency and have been gaining popularity among artists. Musicians such as Kings of Leon, Grimes, and Calvin Harris have all sold music and art as NFTs in the last year.

Watch the original video for ‘Dead Bent’ here:

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