Image credit: Screenshot from Nifty Gateway

Calvin Harris adds never-heard-before music as an NFT in collaboration with creative partner Emil Nava.

The NFT boom is still in full swing as more artists sign up to sell their music and art via the cryptocurrency. Now, Calvin Harris joins with longtime collaborator Emil Nava to sell previously unheard music ‘TECHNOFISH’ as an NFT. In addition to the new music, it also features a nature-inspired digital art collection that features five kaleidoscopic videos. 

Due to the overwhelming carbon footprint NFT’s have Calvin has opted to donate a portion of the profits to organizations that are actively working to reduce carbon emissions. The press release reads, “Working with decarbonization advisor Aerial a portion of the proceeds from the ‘TECHNOFISH’ NFT sales will be allocated to high-quality, forest conservation projects verified by American Carbon Registry and to emerging technologies such as Charm Industrial that capture carbon from biomass waste and permanently store it underground”.

The ‘TECHNOFISH NFT dropped today at 11 am and you can make bids here via Nifty Gateway, one of the leading digital art marketplaces for NFT collection and trading.