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The latest wireless loudspeakers from Danish high-end audio manufacturer Bang & Olufsen will set you back over $14k.

The new Beolab 28 are a slim, adaptive and beautiful stereo pair of hi-res speakers. Based on the classic column design of the original Beolab Penta introduced by Bang & Olufsen 35 years ago, Beolab 28 hopes to deliver studio-quality sound at home with smart connectivity. At between $14-17k (depending on the materials chosen), Beolab is a pricey speaker, but not even close to the company’s most expensive speaker. Beolab 90 takes that crown at a shade under $100k.

1250 watts power the built-in amplifiers, while Digital Sound Processing (DSP) control every driver individually. Each speaker features an advanced driver configuration, with a custom designed downward-facing 6.5-inch woofer housed in the base, three 3-inch vertically stacked drivers and a 1-inch tweeter. Advanced Adaptive Bass Linearization (ABL) technology monitors output, reducing excessive peaks, to ensure optimal performance at all levels. Active Room Compensation automatically optimises the low end to suit your space, making Beolab 28 sound great in a tight corner or up on the wall.

Mechanical curtains adjust the projection of the speakers to two different modes. Narrow mode focuses sound towards the listener, for precision listening with minimal reflections from walls or objects. Wide mode opens up the curtains for a rich, shared sound with a broader soundstage. The curtains remain closed while the speakers are off

Video Credit: Bang & Olufsen

As ever with B&O products the high-end sound is matched by a high-end design. With a footprint of only 25cm, the slim speaker can fit in anywhere in the home. Customizable colour options can personalise the speakers to your preference. The anodised aluminium base is available in Black Anthracite, Bronze Tone or Natural – which is a silver finish. The inner speaker cover comes in Grey Mélange or Grey premium knitted fabric, while the outer cover comes in Light Oak, Smoked Oak and Walnut handcrafted solid wood or Grey Mélange and Grey fabric options. The speaker comes with either a floor stand or wall mounted, which angles the base. The connectivity module is upgradeable, which should make the speaker future-proof.

Video Credit: Bang & Olufsen

Stream to the Beolab 28 using Chromecast, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth 5.0 or Spotify Connect. Alternatively, built-in Bang & Olufsen Radio can stream online stations. The intelligent touch controls atop the speaker are proximity-activated and will automatically light up when someone approaches. You’ll find play/pause, skip and volume controls, as well as four preset buttons. These can be mapped for one-touch access to your favourites such as Spotify playlists. The speakers can also be controlled remotely using the Bang & Olufsen app, or optional $375 Beoremote One BT or $900 Beoremote Halo. Physical connectivity includes an analogue/optical line-in with sensing, 2x Ethernet ports, USB-C and Powerlink 2 channels. Multiroom connectivity via B&O’s Beolink technology is due to come in the fall.

Video Credit: Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen Beolab 28 is $14,750 for options with fabric outer covers, or $16,500 for the options with wooden outer covers. B&O also plans to sell the speakers individually, but there’s currently no word on pricing for a single speaker. Click here to customise your speaker or book a demo.

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