Watch Netflix on your Google Nest Hub & Nest Hub Max now

We can’t always sit down on the sofa and relax to watch the shows we love so Google are letting us take Netflix with us no matter what we’re doing at home.

Well, that’s what Google is proposing with the addition of Netflix on Google Nest Hubs and the Nest Hub Max. Now you can switch on another episode of the show you’re watching or carry on a film as you head outside your dedicated TV sanctuary.

Google have added Netflix support to Nest smart displays across the globe so that wherever you are, if you have a compatible device you can watch in any room. With voice control it’s easier than ever. Simply say, “Hey Google, open Netflix” or “Hey Google, play Arrested Development” and it’s got you covered.

With voice control you can be cooking, washing the dishes, or out in the garage fixing something up and simply tell Netflix to pause, skip, or play something else. Using the Hub Max you can use the gesture control to wave your hand to pause or resume your video as well.

Nest Hubs are also compatible with other streaming services like Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and many more. No excuses to not stay up to date with the series you and your friends have all been binging any more.

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