If you’re a Songwriter, Composer or a Beatmaker – we can make sure you’re getting as much as possible from your compositions.

When you distribute a song through RouteNote, we immediately start collecting your Sound Recording Royalties. But did you know your song might also be earning Publishing Royalties if you wrote the Composition?

With RouteNote Publishing, we can collect your Performance Royalties, Mechanical Royalties and Neighbouring Rights – and if you want to make the most of your music on YouTube we also offer YouTube Micro Synchronisations.

Get everything out of your Composition

Here at RouteNote Publishing, we want to make sure our composers are earning as much as possible. With our contracts with composition collection organisations around the globe, we can make sure you’re receiving your compositional royalties no matter where it’s played.

With Spotify announcing the 1,000 stream threshold for sound recording, it’s important for independent artists to collect their publishing royalties as they are not affected by this change.

This means we can collect your publishing royalties no matter how many streams your songs are gaining on Spotify. You can find out more about Spotify publishing royalties here!

RouteNote Music Publishing is for Artists, by Artists

We’re up front about our service, and want to make sure our artists are getting the best deal around.

Collecting Publishing Royalties WorldWide – We have direct agreements with the top Publishing Collectors around the world. This means we have a wide coverage, and no third parties taking a percentage of your Royalties. 

No sign up fees or hidden costs – To match our free distribution policy, we also offer Free Publishing with a 85/15 split based on the Royalties earned using our Publishing service. This means if you’re not currently producing high earning content, neither are we! 

Protect your Compositions and Copyright – The second you compose a piece of music, you create a copyright. We can protect it and make sure that if your composition is used by yourself or anyone else – you are being paid for it. 

Publishing that’s unrestrictive and flexible – At RouteNote Publishing, we are completely non exclusive. You can upload as many or as little of your compositions to our service – and if you only want to collect a singular royalty type with us you can.

Want To Join Our Service?

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