Musicians are making more money than ever from music publishing, and YouTube is no exception – especially if you have Content ID enabled.

Along with your sound recording royalties, you can make three different types of publishing royalty through monetized YouTube videos. They generate performance royalties, mechanical royalties and YouTube synchronisation royalties.

Performance royalties are generated when a composition is performed, recorded, played or streamed in public.

Mechanical royalties are generated whenever a composition is reproduced in any form, whether through stream or purchase.

YouTube micro synchronisations are earned through advert revenue and can only be generated when advertisement is activated on a YouTube video that uses your composition. This will also add your composition to YouTube Shorts. However, it’s important to note that these are a United States based royalty only.

How to start earning these royalties!

To make sure you’re making the most of your plays on YouTube, you will need to make sure that Content ID is activated. This will enable you to receive publishing royalties not just on the songs you’ve distributed to YouTube, but also any cover of your composition and anyone who uses your composition in their video.

If you aren’t eligible for Content ID, don’t worry! We can still collect your performance and mechanical royalties from your release on YouTube Music – but we won’t be able to collect YouTube micro synchronisation royalties or collect from other videos using your composition.

If you are interested in beginning to collect these royalties, please email and we will see if you’re eligible for our service!

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