Apple’s world domination spreads further as reports claim they are looking to get into music publishing through their streaming service Apple Music. 

According to people involved in the matter Apple are expanding their spot in the music biz with a new music publishing division. Sources say that the new global division will be led by Elena Segal who has before worked as the legal director for iTunes International.

According to Music Business Worldwide’s sources Segal will lead the internal division between offices in London and the US. The new music publishing team at Apple will be the first big initiative from Oliver Schusser who started his new role as head of Apple Music in April after serving as vice president of iTunes.

One of MBW’s sources, regarding Schusser, said: “Oliver is well aware that much of the most important artist discovery happening in the music industry today comes from the publishing side of the business. He is also aware that record labels and artists are well served by industry relations teams at streaming platforms – they are in and out of those offices every day – but that publishing hasn’t yet enjoyed that kind of direct relationship.”

Whilst it’s a great business move for Apple, the implications of the tech giant encroaching on another industry has it’s threats. With a publishing division Apple could take ownership over some of the biggest music coming out today and we all know how Apple love exclusives. As the division seems to be closely linked to Apple’s music streaming service Apple Music it could easily lead to exclusives, especially with how competitive streaming has become between Apple and Spotify.

When the sources tell MBW: “Oliver wants to underline the importance of publishing and songwriters to Apple. That’s what this move is all about.”, it’s hard not to think a grander scheme could be at play here. But we all know by now that Apple’s conquest is to take over the world so we may as well sit back and see how they do with music publishing.