In case you hadn’t heard yet, Groove Music is closing in a semi-partnership that will see Microsoft’s music streaming service replaced with Spotify.

Microsoft attempted to reinvigorate their efforts in the music streaming world over 2 years ago by re-branding Xbox Music as something new and exciting. Unfortunately the resulting Groove Music didn’t do much to draw people in as the service’s end draws near.

At the end of this month, the last day of the year, Microsoft will close down Groove’s services in favour of Spotify. From the 31st December you won’t be able to stream or purchase music from Groove anymore, though the app will remain as a music player. Groove users can only download their purchased music before the 31st.

To download your music from Groove open the app then go to your music collection and select the Purchased filter. Then right-click or press and hold your music files and select to download them from the drop down menu.

Microsoft have chosen Spotify to be the named replacement for Groove. Up until the 31st January Groove Music users can import their library and playlists from Groove Music Pass to Spotify. For music lovers, paying users, and just people who don’t want to start a new playlist collection you should move your library whilst you can.

Groove say: “We thank you for your support on this journey”.