Microsoft’s attempt at getting in on the music streaming hype didn’t go so well and it’s last remnants are now finally being retired.

Microsoft’s Groove Music had a storied past that unfortunately never led anywhere. It was released to replace their Xbox Music store and offer a slicker more accessible modern music service. Unfortunately it didn’t have much of an impact and was discontinued at the end of 2017.

The service closed down but users were able to access their music in the Groove Music application from their OneDrive cloud storage. Microsoft have silently announced that at the end of March they will end this streaming support via an updated Support page.

On March 31st, OneDrive music streaming in Groove Music will be retired. Users wont lose their music, they will still be able to use the OneDrive web player or download their files which they can then play in the Groove Music app or anywhere else.

Anyone who is worried about losing their music can back up their Groove Music data. Using the Groove Music app, navigate to Settings and under the Privacy section there will be the option to export music info.

For gamers who love to race to music, March 31st will also see the end of Groove Music OneDrive Streaming within Forza Horizon 3.