Think Audible but entirely based on in-depth lessons on a huge range of topics. That’s what Knowable are creating.

Knowable are a new startup that want to enable you to know what you want to know. To get in you in the know to be able to find a new career, better your existing one, or just progress yourself mentally they have launched an audio platform all around dedicated lessons.

They’re now moving their platform to a subscription model so that users can sign up and gain access to all of their available lessons at once. Originally the company charged per audio lesson but they are now offering a full subscription for $50 a year or $9.99 a month.

They currently offer 100 hours of content that can be streamed by subscribers. There is a pretty even split at the moment between the talented team behind Knowable and third-party submissions which they review from outside creators and experts.

Co-founder and CEO, Warren Shaeffer said: “We think audio is a great catalyst for inspiring. Every [digital learning company] today is very focused on the idea that you need to stare at a screen to learn in a structured way.” They believe that their audio-only lessons open their content up and make subjects more accessible to people of all ages and situations.

On their new subscription model, Shaeffer adds: “This gets us closer to our mission of daily, actionable learning.” Inspiring people to continue learning in multiple topics without the risk of investing solely in one subject.