Image Credit: Klevgrand

Tomofon utilizes a new Audio Model format that is capable of processing large numbers of waves extracted from audio files. You can import your own audio or samples that come stocked with the plugin.

Be that as it may, Klevgrand wants it to be known that Tomofon is not a sampler – it’s a fully operational synthesizer. In practice, Tomofon converts audio files into oscillating waveforms that the synth wires into its existing parameters like pitch and amplitude.

Akin to wavetable synthesis where a wavetable is broken into multiple subtables, one wave represents one layer of the original audio file. The synth engine then seamlessly and continuously morphs between layers and zones, with the full structure of the organized waves being the Audio Model.

SonicState reports when you import your own audio, of which monophonic audio is reported to be best, you can actually choose to distribute your sample into different pitch zones of the virtual instrument either automatically or manually. Doing so automatically is almost a one-click process, and it generates an instantly playable Audio Model. On the other hand, the latter gives you complete control over how the instrument distributes what and to where.

A neat trick that Tomofon can do is its ability to share Audio Models with other users, in addition to its other features such as multiple LFOs, a modulation matrix, a filter, and a small selection of effects.

Nevertheless, Tomofon comes packed with 124 Audio Models, and these are used as the foundations for its 180 presets. Meanwhile, Klevgrand has stated that it plans to release more Audio Model packs and presets to users in the future.


If you want to try before you buy you can download the demo on the Klevgrand website. Tomofon is compatible with Windows and Mac systems in VST/AU/AAX plugin formats.

Tomofon is available to buy now for an introductory price of $100 while the regular price will be $130.

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