KKBOX will predict the next big hits using Microsoft’s AI tech

KKBox’s partnership with Microsoft is going to give the Taiwanese music streaming service some interesting new, AI-based features.

Last month Microsoft Taiwan and KKBOX Group, one of Asia’s biggest tech companies, jointly announced a global strategic partnership together. The deal isn’t simply cloud migration of KKBOX’s music streaming services over to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform as some thought.

Their press release reveals that Microsoft’s artificial intelligence technology will be used to enhance their music streaming service. They will use AI technology to predict the songs that will have an impact, create lyrics and arrange music for users.

Microsoft’s General Manager or Worldwide Media & Communications Industries said: “The media and entertainment industries are going through a transformation as studios, broadcasters and other rich media content creators, such as over-the-top (OTT) service providers, are facing pressure to innovate on how they deliver content to their audiences while getting smarter on using data to their advantage.

“KKBOX has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry in Asia, providing world-class entertainment to users and continuing to experiment and innovate with technology. We are thrilled that KKBOX has chosen Azure to provide the company with intelligent platforms that unlock creativity and collaboration, bring content to market faster and engage audiences.”

Both companies see digital entertainment as rapidly transforming as technology advances and wish to utilise it to power their services. KKBOX particularly want to use data with AI to create enhanced personalised services.

Microsoft said in their Press Release: “KKBOX Group and Microsoft aim to leverage AI to explore new opportunities, create new trends and transform the entertainment market.”

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