Apple are getting more competition every day as JBL announce their cheaper alternative to AirPods coming this year.

JBL’s new TUNE 220TWS earbuds may have a less catchy name but they’re taking on the market dominated by Apple. A recent report showed that TWS earbuds have dominated the personal audio device market in the past year as AirPods and similar devices outsell wireless headphones and earphones.

The small wireless earbuds have a simple smooth design and come in a vibrant range of colours for that personal touch. They promise 3 hours of use on a single charge and their included storage case provides 16 hours of charging.

JBL also announced their new LIVE 300TWS earbuds. For just $50 more the 300’s come with many more advanced features, such as: Voice AI control using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, IPX5 water resistance rating for sweat and rain, and better ear placement for a firmer hold when on the move.

JBL’s LIVE 300TWS earbuds

The 300TWS model comes with JBL’s TalkThru technology, which can detect voices and allow them to cut through your phone’s audio. TalkThru means you can have a conversation without taking your buds out. The similar AmbientAware function allows you to hear background noises so you don’t get too distracted from your surroundings.

In addition JBL’s new 300TWS earbuds have 4 hours of active battery usage and an additional 14 hours from their charging case. JBL may be looking to take on Apple’s trendy AirPods with the TUNE 220TWS but it looks like the LIVE 300TWS pairs are much better value for money. Both will be released this Spring.