Image credit: Tanner V

Get a hit of nostalgia in your music playing with this brilliant iPod classic themed browser.

There once was a time where screens were just screens, as opposed to areas in which we navigate menus. A time where the spinning menu wheel reigned supreme. I am of course talking about the iPod generation, the music players that kicked CD players out the way and digitised our music listening experience. For years the iPod classic was the ultimate portable music device but as technology improved, the experience was blended into our phones. However, there are still some hardcore iPod classic fans out there, who are still using the device.

Fear not though as frontend software developer Tanner Villarete has attempted to emulate its classic controls as a web app, complete with support for your Spotify and Apple Music library. The web browser is incredibly simple and wonderfully nostalgic, you can once again feel the satisfaction of the iPod click wheel. You can also take advantage of the iPod’s classic “Cover Flow” interface, letting you flip through album covers like a jukebox.

If you’re looking to bring a slice of nostalgia to your music listening habits then this web browser is for you! One suggestion though, use your phone as it can be a little fiddly spinning the click wheel on your desktop browser.