Image credit: Epic Games

Easy Life get the virtual treatment as they perform a virtual show in Fortnite.

The British alt-pop band Easy Life has recently announced that they will be headlining a virtual concert on the 24th of June via the battle-royal game, Fortnite. The performance will be held in a virtual recreation of London’s o2 Arena, a first for the iconic venue. Easy Life is also the first UK band to perform via Fortnite Creative, a space introduced during Season 7 of the game’s live service battle pass.

The virtual event is in partnership with Epic Games, O2, Globe (which is Universal Music UK’s Commercial and Creative division), and Island Records UK.

The press release explains that it will be “much more than just a gig” and will see the band’s music and lyrics “influencing the world around players” during the performance. Attendees will be able to virtually visit six areas, each inspired by a track from the band’s debut album ‘Life’s A Beach’, which was no.2 in the UK charts last month. There is also a brand new, in-game lobby track that anyone can unlock and listen to within Fortnite after attending the experience.

Speaking on the experience Louis Bloom, President of Island Records UK, said: “This amazing partnership could not have come at a better time for easy life and everyone at Island following the great launch of life’s a beach. It has been a fantastic opportunity to collaborate alongside O2 – a massive player within the UK music scene now – Epic Games and of course our wonderful Universal Music Group colleagues at Globe who have pulled this whole initiative together.” Adding: “The band and their close-knit creative team have delivered something truly special and groundbreaking that is sure to capture the hearts and imagination of the millions of Fortnite players who may not have heard or seen easy life before. For Island to be working so closely with Globe to make easy life the first-ever UK act to play a concert within Fortnite Creative is hugely exciting!”

As the pandemic continues to make the return of live music uncertain, virtual shows are becoming a beacon of hope. A place to experience live music, albeit virtually. There is no doubt that we will see more acts enter the digital realm as time goes on. We’ve already seen the likes of Post Malone and Royal Blood hit the virtual stage, it may not be the same as in-person but the response was positive, not to mention both artists reaching new audiences.