IK Multimedia has launched the iRig Stream Mic USB, a budget-friendly mic that places its iRig Stream Mic range in an affordable price range.

The streamlined condenser microphone offers a built-in audio interface compatible with Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone and Android. With its compact form factor and versatile features, it’s a great cheap solution for voiceovers, podcasting, and streaming.

Affordable iRig Stream Mic USB from IK Multimedia

The iRig Stream Mic USB utilises a unidirectional cardioid polar pattern allowing for easy sound source isolation and minimizing background noise. Its gold-sputtered ½” capsule meanwhile ensures a crisp recording with articulate details while on-board gain and high-pass filter controls allow you to remove unwanted rumble and mitigate noise floor.

By pre-mixing multiple audio sources down to a single stereo track, the iRig Stream Mic USB makes your recordings ready for further editing or uploading to streaming platforms like Spotify, Instagram, Twitch, and so on.

Furthermore, the iRig USB mic uses a 3.5mm stereo audio input for connectivity options for media players, keyboards, mixers, and so on. You can also blend direct and recorded audio through the headphone output via the mix monitor parameter.

IK Multimedia has incorporated 16-bit, 48 kHz signal converters, guaranteeing above-average recording resolution in the microphone and stereo aux input. The iRig Stream Mic USBs Loopback feature, a must-have for podcasting, routes audio from your computer or another source into your mix, allowing you to hear your co-hosts and yourself through your headphones.

Each input has bright LED level indicators and volume controls for efficient level management in both live and studio settings. The USB mics’ headphone output offers direct monitoring for level checks before you press the red button. The mic also allows you to incorporate backing tracks and sound effects in real-time, saving time in the post-production process and editing.

Powered by its host and connecting seamlessly to any Mac or PC via USB-C, the microphone offers a streamlined and hassle-free solution for content creators and musicians.

Software bundle

The iRig Stream Mic USB is bundled with software, including iRig Recorder 3 LE for iPhone, iPad, and Android, a user-friendly audio and video recording app. Additionally, it includes MixBox CS for iPad and MixBox SE for Mac/PC, a comprehensive suite of effects for professional audio shaping.

Price and availability

The iRig Stream Mic USB is now available for $99.99 as an affordable entry point into high-quality streaming and content creation equipment.

Now made up of two microphones, the iRig Stream Mic family now offers the iRig Stream Mic USB and the iRig Stream Mic Pro priced at $169.99.