Korg starts the new year with a bang after announcing two of its popular synths are getting revamped.

Announced at NAMM 2024, Korg is reintroducing one of its iconic synths, the microKORG, with an enhanced successor, the microKORG2. Equally exciting is Korg’s announcement of the KingKORG Neo.

Hello to an old favourite: the microKORG2

Fans have long celebrated the microKORG for its affordable power, and the microKORG2 builds on that legacy while introducing exciting contemporary features.

Scheduled for release in June 2024, the microKORG2 boasts a 2.8-inch colour display, five dynamic knobs serving as a “gateway to fine-tuning your sound”, and an expanded bank selection that provides you with animated effects. Oh, and a toggleable oscilloscope…

More notable enhancements include a new vocal processor with hard-tune pitch correction, a harmonizer, and a revamped gooseneck condenser microphone for recording your voice. Performance tools meanwhile include a loop recorder, arpeggiator, and program selector for toggling between musical styles.

Features of the microKORG2

  • Advanced display: The microKORG2 features a 2.8-inch colour display providing you with real-time visualization of sound waves via the oscilloscope and animated effects.
  • Enhanced vocal processor: A new vocal processor with hard-tune pitch correction, harmonizer, and a redesigned gooseneck condenser microphone, adds a new dimension to sound creation.
  • Expanded bank selection: With five dynamic knobs and an expanded bank selection, users have more control over fine-tuning their sound, making it a gateway to sonic exploration.
  • Limited edition variants: To celebrate the release, Korg has made available two limited edition colour variants in metallic black and metallic white, both accentuated with aluminium details and a matching soft case.


The microKORG2 is scheduled for release in June 2024, priced at $699.

Introducing KingKORG Neo: a compact virtual analog synth revamp

Korg has revived its KingKORG synthesizer with the introduction of the KingKORG Neo, a more compact version announced in Korg’s NAMM lineup. Designed for the modern musician, the KingKORG Neo blends the style of Korg’s classic analog synth layout with fast and intuitive editing capabilities.

The KingKORG Neo is poised as an easy-to-use synth suitable for beginners and gigging musicians, maintaining the appeal of its predecessor but, some say, lacking the innovation that could have elevated it to greater heights. Critics have expressed disappointment in the absence of more innovation on the KingKORG revamp, suggesting a missed opportunity for a more remarkable upgrade.

Nevertheless, the KingKORG Neo maintains the XMT sound engine of its predecessor; offering two timbre layers, three oscillators, 138 oscillator algorithms and 18 filter types.

Despite these similarities, the new Neo synth is for a new generation with its smaller footprint, making it more accessible to a broader demographic on (slightly) smaller budgets. A new onboard gooseneck microphone however allows you to take advantage of the vocoder at home.

Although it will cost you less than the original at launch, the KingKORG Neo faces scrutiny after not introducing substantial advancements to justify its high price. Concerns regarding the absence of a “wow factor” to distinguish it in the, very busy current synth market

The KingKORG Neo’s release raises questions about the balance between nostalgia and innovation, as it attempts to find relevance in a landscape where expectations for synth technology have evolved since the original model’s debut in 2013.

Features of KingKORG NEO:

  • XMT Sound Engine: Powered by the XMT sound engine, the KingKORG NEO features 37 full-size keys and offers a wide array of new sounds, a dynamic vocoder, and a modernized appearance.
  • Accessible sound creation: The synth provides exceptional depth and flexibility in sound creation and manipulation, offering hands-on controls for a versatile sonic palette.
  • Comprehensive connectivity: With stereo line out, headphone out, MIDI in/out, USB-C port, and more, the KingKORG NEO ensures comprehensive connectivity options for various setups.

Pricing and availability

The price, $1099, is cheaper than the original KingKORG. However, with the lack of more innovation… is the KingKORG worth its price tag? Let us know what you think in the comments!