Image credit: Huawei

The Chinese tech company has reached an agreement with Universal Music to launch a music library that will feature a wide range of Chinese and international artists.

Chinese tech company Huawei’s music streaming service Huawei Music has reached an agreement with Universal Music to launch a library of music featuring Chinese and international artists. The Chinese music market continues to grow with this recent development and is further expanding outside of the Chinese market. This deal will be a likely blow to Tencent, who have been expanding their streaming service worldwide.

The company announced via Chinese social media platform Weibo that “Huawei Music X Universal Music strategic partnership has been achieved!” The company also confirmed that the “mass music library is officially online”.

The music library features Chinese artists such as Jacky Cheung, Teresa Tang, and Eason Chan. As well as international artists such as Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Lang Lang, and Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli. 

This partnership just proves how big the streaming market is becoming, particularly inc countries like China. As time progresses we’re likely to see more companies reaching agreements with Chinese streaming services, as it’s a massive emerging market.