Music apps for iOS continue to get better, and now rekordbox has joined the collective of versatile iOS apps allowing DJs to mix their music on the go.

AlphaTheta has announced a new update for rekordbox for iOS. Based on the infamous computer-based DJ software, the latest iOS update allows you to you to start DJing with just an iPhone or iPad.

rekordbox for iOS ver. 4.0

DJs around the world trust & use rekordbox on a daily basis. After all, Pioneer’s industry standard CDJs bring dancefloors to life across the globe, and now you can bring some of that professional functionality to your iPhone or iPad!

rekordbox for iOS 4.0 allows you to mix music from a number of different sources such as streaming services like SoundCloud and TIDAL, though subscriptions for these services are not included. For example, you can link the rekordbox mobile app with your SoundCloud and TIDAL accounts and browse and mix with music on these platforms with music saved on your hard drive.

Whether you’ve DJ’d before or not, you can get started mixing with rekordbox for iOS 4.0 for free. This is a fantastic starting point for new DJs as it’ll help you understand the principles of blending tracks together. And when you’re comfortable to take the next step, you can connect external gear such as the DDJ-FLX4!

In practice, you can connect the DDJ-FLX4 with the rekordbox app with a USB cable or Bluetooth for a great beginner DJ setup. Furthermore, all features, effects, and functionality are the same no matter how you use the rekordbox iOS app (with your iPhone, iPad, or connected DJ hardware), which is to say high-quality. Additionally, Pioneer states that you can sign up to an in-app subscription which gives you a number of advanced performance features and effects.

You can start DJ’ing as soon as you have downloaded the rekordbox iOS app to your iPhone or iPad and the app is completely free. You can curate playlists in Portrait mode before turning the screen to enter Landscape mode where you can use the controls on the virtual decks to mix, scratch, and add effects to the music.

Finally, you can connect your iPhone or iPad to professional equipment such as the CDJ-3000, XDJ-RX3, or XDJ-XZ, and use the connected hardware and play the tracks you’ve saved in the app. Pioneer also notes that you can sync up to 10 tracks with your cloud-based rekordbox library for free with Cloud Library Sync.

Download the app for free from the Apple App Store for free!

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