How to find your Apple Music Replay ‘20 – Apple’s competitor to Spotify Wrapped

Much like Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay shows you your top songs, artists and albums of the year as well as your total listening time.

Unlike Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music provide listeners with their top 100 most-played tracks (so far) throughout the year. However with December upon us, now’s the perfect time to find those tracks that were on repeat for the past 12 months.

Simply head here on Safari to see your Replay 2020. You’ll find your Replay playlist in the Listen Now tab on Apple Music, as well as the top 100 streamed tracks for years prior, back to 2015.

Unfortunately (maybe fortunately for your followers) yours stats are a little more difficult to share on social media than Spotify Wrapped. You can still share your Top 100 playlist, click here to find out how.

To find your Spotify Wrapped, click here. To find your Spotify Artist Wrapped, click here.

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