How to make money from YouTube

How do artists make money on YouTube? For starters, by putting music on YouTube for free with a digital music distributor.

YouTube is still the number one place for music discovery on the web – though rumour has it that TikTok may be catching up. If you’re wondering how to make money from music on YouTube, RouteNote offers several ways to get your music in front of the most ears and eyes possible, for free.

Let’s dive in.

How to make money from YouTube videos that feature your music

When you upload your music to RouteNote we make it easy for you to keep track of your music across the whole of YouTube, for free. Every time your track is used in a video on YouTube, Content ID will find it and direct the revenue back to you, the copyright holder, protecting your music rights.

With our Free distribution you keep 85% of revenue, with unlimited uploads to all of our partners from Spotify to Apple Music and other streaming services around the world at no extra charge.

Add your own music to YouTube Music

YouTube Music is YouTube’s very own music streaming service. When you upload your songs to RouteNote for free you can get your music on YouTube Music simply by selecting it from the list of partners. With each stream you’ll earn royalties.

At RouteNote we offer a Premium tier that lets you keep 100% of revenue for a small upfront and yearly cost. Whether you choose Free or Premium uploads, you’re never locked into a contract and can move between the two or leave for a different distributor at any time.

RouteNote covers 95% of the market – if you’re with another distributor who isn’t partnered with a certain store, you could use RouteNote to upload your music to just that platform, plugging the gap in your music coverage.

Don’t sleep on YouTube Sync licensing

Micro-sync royalties are sync royalties created when music is set to moving images. Sync royalties are an extra form of revenue outside of Content ID that RouteNote can collect on your behalf.

Content ID collects sound recording royalties whilst micro-sync royalties come from the composition of the song. RouteNote artists can apply here if your music is eligible for Content ID and you own composition rights to your tracks.

Get your music online today with RouteNote – for free.

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