There is so much music on Spotify, over 30 million tracks in fact. It’s great having access to so much music but it can be overwhelming finding new music. Spotify have you covered for that.

Spotify puts nearly every song in the world at your fingertips opening up music in a way never possible before the internet. However, sometimes that can make the listening experience even more restrictive because it’s overwhelming – like how Netflix has so much content you end up scrolling more than watching.

Spotify want to help you discover music you will love and keep up to date with the latest tracks from artists you already adore. It’s common knowledge to many but Spotify generates playlists for you every week with custom recommendations based on you and the music you like.

Discover Weekly

Spotify launched Discover Weekly years ago and it’s been a hit ever since. I have personally found many of my current favourite artists tuning in to Discover Weekly each week.

It presents you with a list of 30 songs that Spotify doesn’t think you’ve heard before based on all of the music you listen to and save. The algorithm works incredibly well in defining your tastes by basing it off of other people who enjoy the same music as you.

Every Monday you’re presented with a new selection and the more you listen the better the picks get!

You can get your Discover Weekly here or find it in Your Library or under Made for You.

Release Radar

There is so much new music released every week that it easily gets overwhelming keeping up with what’s coming out. Especially trying to sift through the masses for the music that actually resonates with you.

Release Radar is another automatically curated playlist of 30 tracks, updated every New Music Friday, with music from artists that you already like or that Spotify want to recommend to you. It’s a personalised selection of new music that saves you having to search through new music websites or look at artist profiles for new releases.

As with Discover Weekly, the more you listen the better the recommendations are.

Find your Release Radar in Browse under Discover.