How Spotify personalizes music according to Spotify’s Vice President of Personalization

Oskar Stål, the Vice President of Personalization at Spotify talks about how Spotify recommends listeners new songs based on those they love.

Spotify’s Release Radar is the third personalized playlist to open up to sponsorships

Disney+ are the first U.S. advertiser to sponsor the algorithm driven new music playlist for Spotify Free listeners.

How to find new music you will love on Spotify every week

There is so much music on Spotify, over 30 million tracks in fact. It’s great having access to so much music but it can be overwhelming finding new music. Spotify have you covered for that….

How Do I Get My Music on Spotify Release Radar and Get More Plays

Spotify has confirmed that Spotify owned playlists like Release Radar and Discover Weekly give artists more plays than any other curated playlist. Now Spotify has released Release Radar. Release Radar provides listeners with two hours…

Stay in the loop with your fave artists with Spotify’s new Release Radar playlists

Spotify have debuted a new playlist that keeps you up to date with all the new music from the artists you love in one place. Release Radar is the new weekly playlist from Spotify that…