Image credit: Twitch

There is no golden rule to becoming a Twitch Partner, but this guide should help you get there faster.

Recently, we penned an article that explained how to become a Twitch Partner but we mentioned that following Twitch’s criteria doesn’t come with a guarantee. Even if you follow their Path To Partner guidelines, after their internal revenue they can still reject you from the Partner Program. It’s not a flat-out denial, it may just mean that your channel needs a little work, or the content needs a little refining.

However, there are ways in which you can speed up the process/ensure that you accepted on your first attempt. Again, these do not guarantee anything but all play a massive part in Twitch’s review of your channel.

Ensure quality throughout

The old saying “Quality over quantity” still rings true today, especially in the digital realm. It is vital that not only your content is of a standard but your hardware too. Be sure to invest in an HD camera (4K if you can afford it) and a mid-high range microphone. This will make your content more appealing to the user’s eyes and ears, which goes a long way. In addition to this invest some time in your channel’s graphics, logos, and general layout.

Build your content around you

Before streaming build a plan that fits you as a creator. Decide what content you want to create, from chats to video game streaming, make sure it fits you and your desired audience. As an example, a musician may get questions on their set-up or instruments, be sure you have some knowledge on this to discuss it with your potential fans. This way you add more value to your streams and yourself as a content creator, expanding outside of the idea of just being an entertainer.

Be authentic

Authenticity is always key. If you want to engage with your audience and grow your channel then being the most real you is the best way. People want to connect with others, build a bond, a friendships in a lot of cases. People will sniff out fakeness and it will affect you and your channel.

Utilise your social media

Streaming is the product and you need to sell that, the best way to do so is via social media. Be sure to build your online presence and advertise when your streaming, what your streaming and why they should tune in.

These few hints should help you become a Twitch Partner faster but there is no golden rule when it comes to becoming one. However, use these as a guideline, keep working, keep innovating, and most importantly keep streaming consistently. Good luck out there, we look forward to seeing you on the channel!