Image Credit: YouTube

YouTube’s Culture & Trends team have examined data and trends on the platform to see which changes will last beyond the pandemic.

It goes without saying, the pandemic will leave lasting real-world effects around the world, but it has also shifted the digital and online space such as how and why people make and use videos on platforms like YouTube. YouTube’s Culture & Trends team have taken a deep dive into hundreds of global trends, conducted surveys across nearly 20 countries and consulted experts in digital media. Kevin Allocca, Head of Culture & Trends at YouTube talks through the new research from data and experts over the past year to find which of the new aspects of video culture will still be relevant and where video is headed beyond the pandemic.

While YouTube note that there are no definitive answers, one theme stood out from the research: “video is increasingly indispensable in people’s lives, largely because of its power to facilitate a sense of connection.”

You can watch the global report below or head here for an interactive version of the video that lets you save content references to your own playlist to explore and share after. Dive into local trends here with individual reports on Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, and the United Kingdom.

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