Getting your songs on Spotify is easy with RouteNote. We even make it free to earn money from every stream and get your music worldwide.

At RouteNote, we offer free distribution to the world’s favourite online stores including Spotify. This means that you as an artist can upload your songs to listeners around the world, get heard by millions, and earn money from every stream.

RouteNote offers:
  • Free distribution to all of the world’s favourite music services and stores
  • Keep 85% of all the earnings your music makes wherever it goes
  • Monthly statistics let you know exactly how well your music is performing and where it is being listened to
  • Premium distribution lets you upgrade for a small upfront cost to keep 100% of all your earnings
  • No lock-in contract means you can come and go any time you like
  • Promotional opportunities through Push.FM
  • More to discover with our YouTube Network and SoundCloud Network

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