How much can a livestreamed music performance earn you?

With 2020’s lockdowns, online performances have become huge and we’re starting to see just how profitable a livestreamed performance can be.

Artists around the world have taken to the internet to stream to their fans and connect in spite of the distance between us all this year. It’s proving to be incredible successful and goes to show that live music doesn’t have to end just because we can’t be together.

Everybody’s favourite boyband, BTS livestreamed a performance to over 750,000 people around the world earlier in the year. It’s predicted that they made around $18 million in ticket sales from that one home-concert. The more artists are getting involved, the more we’re seeing just how much potential is in concerts from home.

YouTube’s director of Black music and culture, Tuma Basa, revealed that Japanese artist Reol made $130,000. With her livestream bringing in 181,000 views at the time it’s estimated that the average buyer spent $34 on YouTube’s chat bonuses like ‘super chats‘ and ‘super stickers‘.

As it’s uncertain when in-person concerts will properly return many services have now started facilitating home gigs. Ticketmaster and Songkick are just 2 of the ticketing services which have made it possible for artists to book their gigs online and sell tickets to fans.

Spotify have recently added live event listing to artist pages as well so that listeners can easily see when the artists they love and listen to are performing online.

If you’re a performing artist who’s missing the stage, take it to the web! Your fans are probably missing you too. Spotify had some helpful advice for those thinking of performing a concert from home you can check out here.

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