Bring the community together, share a love of music, and broaden your tastes with a music club.

Music can be a deeply personal thing, but it can also be a source of community. Coming together over a love for music, dancing with strangers over a shared bond for the beat, even presenting new finds to a friend – sharing is caring.

What better way to discover new music and share your own gems than by starting a music club on YouTube. Here are some simple steps to get your music club burgeoning.

Build the club

First of all, you’ll need to get the group together. Thankfully, in the digital age this is easier than ever. You can use hashtags on a YouTube Short and a community post to put out an announcement, using tags like #musicclub and #sharemusic, so that the public can find you and express interest.

Make some content that expresses what you’re putting together and set the topic. Don’t be vague, you want followers who know what they’re getting into and actually want to stick around for it.

Pick the record

You’re going to need to shortlist a few records that your community can then pick from. Once you have an option of 3 or 4 albums to pick from, take it to the people!

If you’ve established a specific theme or genre that your club will be representing then ensure your picks meet the criteria so you have the right audience.

Create a poll easily with a community post on YouTube and put in the albums so that your club can choose which one. Then it’s the fun part!

Listen and share

Now you have a record to all go away and enjoy, go listen to it! Take it in, take notes, take a break, and take another listen.

There are a number of ways you can get the community back together to share their thoughts. Perhaps the best, is to host a livestream in which you can share your thoughts and others can join in simultaneously. You could even bring others from the community into a call for a livestreamed discussion about your thoughts on the record.

Remember, you can schedule a livestream and ask your followers to hit the ‘set reminder’ bell so they don’t forget when the time comes.

Once your livestream has been and gone, you can bring in new potential fans and remind existing ones of the highlights by snipping out clips for use in shorts or shorter videos. This is easy to do from YouTube Studio by using the ‘Create highlight’ tool on your stream.

Rinse and repeat

One record down, it’s time to select the next one! Keep it going and be sure to keep posting and keep your community in touch with what’s going on.

There are plenty of places you can then take your community outside of YouTube. Discord is perhaps the best place to build your community, inviting them to a server in which you can create discussions and take the conversation further.

Don’t forget to remember the albums you go through. Perhaps memorialising them on an Instagram or other social media, and definitely saving your streams to your channel for fans who missed it or have just arrived.

Happy music sharing!