How do I opt in to YouTube or Facebook monetization for free?

YouTube and Facebook are the two largest video sharing platforms online currently. Over the last decade influencers and musicians have built careers entirely off social media. We can help you distribute your music to Facebook and YouTube’s Content ID systems to monetize when someone uses your music.

What is Content ID?

If you choose to upload your music to YouTube Content ID, they will continuously scan the entire platform for instances of your music in videos. Once a match is found, you can decide what happens to the video. It can be blocked, tracked or monetized. When a video is monetized, revenue earned from ads placed on it will be sent to you via RouteNote. Facebook’s system works in a similar way, scanning videos uploaded to the site.

How do I monetize from my music on YouTube and Facebook?

It’s easy and free! When you upload your music to RouteNote for distribution to the top stores and streaming services, (such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and many more) just tick the YouTube and Facebook boxes in the Select Stores section of your release. Free distribution mean zero fees or recurring cost, while you keep 85% of the revenue. Choose premium distribution to keep 100% of the revenue for a small fee.

What can’t be uploaded to Facebook or YouTube Content ID?

You must own exclusive rights to every aspect of the music. If you are suspected of not owning exclusive rights to your release, it will be blocked from YouTube and Facebook. Examples of what will be blocked from YouTube Content ID and Facebook:

  • Samples/loops – such as leased sample packs or backing tracks
  • Cover songs
  • Classical music
  • Nature sounds/meditation/ASMR/ambient tones

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