Clash Magazine Returning With 100th Issue

After a year hiatus from their physical magazine Clash are returning next February with issue 100.

Last November Clash released issue 99 of their monthly popular music and fashion magazine. After running for over 10 years Clash decided to take a hiatus and decide where to go next with the 100th issue of their magazine upon them.

Clash continued running online but left many questioning what was happening, was it the end for Clash magazine? If you’ve made it this far into the article then you’ll know the answer is no. After a year of digital exclusivity Clash broke the news that they’re coming back. With its return Clash will also now be published bi-monthly whereas before it was monthly.

Reportedly Clash are working with a number of partners to help their re-launch, including a ‘premium advertising partnership’ with Vice Digital Network for the commercial side of things. Clash are also to bring a new app to accompany their website and relaunched physical magazine.

Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Clash, Simon Harper said: “Reaching 100 issues in today’s print climate is quite a triumph, especially for an independent publication such as Clash. We’ve taken time to evolve and refine the Clash brand, and are very excited about this new chapter and our visions for 2016 and beyond.”

Planning Director at Vice, Devina Seth added: “Clash have quickly established themselves as a premium publisher across the Vice Digital Network. Their premium content is in demand amongst millennial audiences which works in favour of brands and them as a media owner.”

Issue 100 of Clash will feature “four different and distinct cover stars” (as yet un-announced). Clash say the issue “celebrates the past, present and future of Clash, with a retrospective look through our photography vaults and a countdown of our favourite albums from Clash’s lifetime.”

You can pre-order a copy of Clash issue 100 here.

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