Lo-Fi Player is an AI web-based, pixelated, 2D virtual room, that’ll have you producing your own lo-fi beats in no time.

Created by summer intern Vibert Thio as a project for Google’s Magenta. Magenta uses machine learning to create art and music projects, such as the NSynth Super.

A few clicks around the room will have you adding melody, chords, bass and drums to the mix. Click the TV to combine two melodies, the cactus will add background sounds, the desk alters master controls such as BPM, tone and reverb. Once you’ve got everything sounding just right, kick back and enjoy the sounds or click Share to copy a unique URL to your clipboard.

We chose Lo-Fi Hip Hop because it’s a popular genre with relatively simple music structure. This limited flexibility helps ensure that the music always makes sense. We’re able to create something more like a “music generating room” than a musical instrument or composition tool.

Vibert Thio

Click here to launch Lo-Fi Player.

Find the source code on GitHub if you fancy experimenting with the code yourself.