Google are bringing more features to all of their speakers and Google Assistant-enabled smart devices.

In another attempt to overtake Amazon Alexa in market share, and smart enable all-the-things, Google outline their new features.

Voice Match support to more smart speakers

Voice Match learns individual voices to personalize request such as: calendar reminders or traffic to work. Voice Match can register up to six people’s voices per speaker, making it ideal for home family use.

Adjust hotword sensitivity

If you find your speaker responding to “Hey Google” too often when you say something similar, or not activating when screaming it from another room, you will soon be able to adjust the responsiveness of the hotword from the Google Home app settings. The update will roll out in the coming weeks.

Choose your default speaker

Pick your preferred speaker for playing music for each individual smart device. For example, say “Hey Google, play music” to your Nest Mini in the kitchen and music will play from your Google Home Max in the living room. Head to the Google Home app, find the device, tap Device settings, then Default music speaker to choose the preferred speaker for music.

If you’re a YouTube Premium, YouTube Music or Google Play Music subscriber in the US, get your hands on a free Google Nest Mini before June 30th.

Google currently have a sale on many of their speakers: