Music shops re-open in England today as COVID lockdown is eased: Here’s where

Today marks the return of flicking through record bins for those coming back to shops as they re-open across the country.

After months of lockdown on non-essential stores, England are allowing shops across the country to re-open again from today. The internet is being flooded with images of the huge queues outside the big clothing stores like Primark and Nike but getting less attention is the return of music shops.

Music shops around the country are now legally allowed to re-open for business. Whilst many aren’t just yet, the UK’s most popular music store HMV is back in business this week.

In an attempt prevent potential spreading of the Coronavirus HMV are insisting that customers use hand sanitisers if they want to browse records and other products. Like most music stores, the shop is built on a browsing basis of flicking through records, CDs, DVDs and other media and products to find a specific product or just see what’s on offer.

This style of shopping means that many stores are having to put certain pre-cautions in place to return to the retail world – like Waterstones, the UK’s top book shop, which is quarantining books that have been browsed but not bought.

Music Industries Association have launched a map showing the music stores that are now open and opening across the UK as the government tries to re-establish the high street.

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