‘Playlist a Day’ a new application for iOS and Android sends you a new themed playlist for Spotify every day.

Powered by Playlists.net, a Spotify community and playlist sharing site by Warner Music Group, the app hand-picks a new playlist each day from it’s library of 175,000 human curated, themed playlists they have amassed over the last five years.

Upon downloading the app you will be presented with a new playlist via push notification daily. Click on it and you’ll be taken to the playlist in the Playlist a Day app with a unique art work and description. You will however need to be a subscribed with a Spotify Premium account to use the app.

Playlists.net founder Kieron Donghue said to Tech Crunch: “The idea came about as an extension of the reason why I set up Playlists.net some 5 years ago or so. Namely that I think there is so much choice out there when it comes to what to listen to that it becomes a challenge to find something new and interesting. Algorithms solve this problem partly but I still say you can’t beat human curation.”

That’s a point some may disagree with, partly with respect to Spotify’s lauded Discover Weekly feature which generates a 30 song playlist each week based on your listening history and habits. It really comes down to personal preference over whether you prefer playlists created by a person, who can pinpoint niches, or by algorithms that translate music data into playlists. Both are available in various incarnations across music streaming services.

Whatever your opinion on human created playlists the Playlist a Day app is free to download and try for iOS and Android now. It’s worth a try.