The long-discussed music streaming service TikTok Music is finally coming out of beta and with brand new features to boot.

TikTok Music, a premium music streaming service from the video sharing platform, is now available in Australia, Singapore, and Mexico. This follows the launch of the service in Brazil and Indonesia.

TikTok’s music service has partnerships with all the major record labels in Brazil and Indonesia. That means subscribers can listen to all the biggest artists and albums across Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Group.

However, it seems that they haven’t yet managed to sign a deal with Universal Music Group for their new territories. That means that, currently, only music from Sony Music Group and Warner Music Group are available in Australia, Singapore, and Mexico.

TikTok said: “We are in active discussions with Universal. Our goal is to offer our users a full catalogue of music.”

Global head of music business development and IP rights at TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, Ole Obermann said: “TikTok Music will make it easy for people to save, download and share their favourite viral tracks from TikTok. We are excited about the opportunities TikTok Music presents for both music fans and artists, and the great potential it has for driving significant value to the music industry.”

What is TikTok’s music streaming service?

TikTok Music is a new music streaming app from the huge short-video platform. It offers on-demand streaming of millions of tracks, downloadable songs for offline listening, and personalized music recommendations for discovery.

TikTok Music Australia’s pricing plan

What makes it unique is that it can auto-sync your favourite TikToks to your library. This builds your Favourite Songs section with the music used in the content you love. Users can also connect their TikTok accounts to see their connections and comment on music.

This interactivity is fairly unique in the music streaming service world, although it’s been tried before by Spotify and was retired for a reason. Considering the userbase coming to the streaming service from TikTok they may find their listeners are more receptive to social features.

Additionally, TikTok Music users can:

  • Discover More Personalised Music: Swipe up and down to explore songs just for you
  • Discover New & Emerging Artists: Find your new favourite artist
  • Find Your Music Community: Express yourself through comments, enjoy behind-the-scenes stories, and connect with like-minded music lovers
  • Sing Along With Real-Time Lyrics: Sing and rap like a pro with built-in lyrics that play automatically
  • Co-create collaborative Playlists with Friends: Making music better together
  • Import your Music Library: With just one click, you can import your external playlists and play them through TikTok Music
  • Find a song through Lyrics Search: Don’t know the song title or artist’s name? Solve the mystery by searching for the lyrics
  • Name That Song: Easily identify any song you’re listening to with Song Catch

What’s new in TikTok Music?

The launch in 3 new territories was accompanied by new features for TikTok Music. ‘Party It’ is a personalised group listening session for bringing tastes together. ‘FYP Tuning’ offers listeners a swipeable selection of moods to find the right sort of music that they’re feeling.

They are also implementing AI into it to help users navigate and discover music. The app features a discovery tool called Tonik which uses ChatGPT to find music based on prompts. It also offers “stories behind the music” answering music related questions.