Arturia has released EFX Motions plugin, designed to help producers add motion and dynamics to static sounds seamlessly.

As the latest creative audio plugin in Arturia‘s EFX range, Motions offers a range of onboard effects and provides a sophisticated modulation engine that brings continuous motion to your audio.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your mix, add rhythmic complexity, or transform your sounds into evolving sonic landscapes, EFX Motions is here to help you do that.

Arturia EFX Motion

In true Arturia style, EFX Motions packs a diverse set of modulation sources including LFO, Envelope, Envelope follower, Step Sequencer, Beat Repeat, and Function generators. This arsenal of modulation tools is designed to help you breathe life into your sound, with a fluidly easy-to-use GUI which makes enhancing a static sound easy, fun, and satisfying.

In fact, you can adjust the plugin’s signal flow and process individual frequency bands at a time, while EFX Motions provides filter, noise generation, distortion, volume control, panning, and more modules that give you the freedom to shape and sculpt your sounds however you like.

EFX Motions boasts five main modules at its core:

  1. Filter Module: Offering clean multimode filtering, SEM and MS-20 filter emulations, phasing, and more.
  2. Noise Module: This provides a variety of timbres with an option to load your own samples, allowing for personalized noise effects.
  3. Drive Module: Featuring a wide range of distortion algorithms, from subtle overdrive to wild distortions.
  4. Volume Module: A VCA for creating pumping effects through modulation.
  5. Pan Module: A panner for directing the signal to the left, middle, or right.

The real magic of EFX Motions lies in the Motion Envelope Sequencer which puts each effect in perpetual motion. With the option to operate at different rates, the Motion Envelopes can curate complex and evolving movements and synchronise with your DAW and MIDI equipment.

In addition to the core modules, EFX Motions offers a Beat Repeat and FX section with five additional tools that can trigger rolling, reversing, pitching, stretching, or stopping effects. While a dedicated glitch effect is notably absent, users can create glitch-like effects with these tools.

For further sound mangling and processing, two additional slots allow you to choose from 14 algorithms, including reverbs, delays, modulation effects, and more!

Moreover, EFX Motions features a robust modulation engine with three slots, allowing you to host various modulators like function generators, sequencers, randomizers, and envelope followers. As a result, you can map modulators to any parameter.

Pricing and availability

Arturia has introduced an introductory price for EFX Motions at $79 while the regular price will be $99 (which I think is pretty reasonable). But if you purchase Arturia’s FX Collection 4 then you’ll receive EFX Motions for free.

Available as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin, EFX Motions is compatible with macOS (Intel and native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

The plugin joins multi-effect suites such as Transit by Baby Audio and Andrew Huang designed for spicing up transitions… using these two effect plugins together could be pretty exciting.