Game of Thrones’ Theme Sounds Great On Roli’s Unique Keyboards

Roli’s keyboards give you the power to go beyond the keys and explore all the musical possibilities that lie between the keys of a piano – and makes Game of Thrones sound better than any other keyboard.

We covered Seaboard when Roli released their ‘Rise’ keyboard last year, an affordable alternative to their amazing, pressure sensitive Seaboard Grand keyboard. Founder Roland Lamb created Seaboard when he was inspired by the shape of waves in the sea, and applying that to music.

Seaboard keyboards feature one pressure sensitive pad, marked with keys for foundation but allowing you to play between and beyond, anywhere on the pad. The unique design allowed for entirely new sounds and ways of playing the keyboard. Through various motions you can control pitch, volume, and timbre when playing.

Seaboard Rise was launched for $799/£599 (25 key edition), a much less intimidating price than the $2,999 price tag of their original Seaboard Grand.

The Verge‘s Ross Miller tested out the Seaboard Rise by learning the Game of Thrones theme on it – check it out below:


You can find out more and get a Seaboard for yourself at Roli’s website

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