Fender are expanding their Fender Play tuition series with bass lessons for budding bassists to hone their chops.

Fender have added bass lessons to Fender Play, the third instrument available to learn through the online tuition course joining guitar and ukulele. The lessons will teach viewers a range of styles and artists techniques with lessons covering influences from James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Maroon 5, Bob Marley, and others.

The Fender Play courses offer up bite-sized lessons which players will progress through before moving onto new techniques, harder songs, and more advanced skills. New specific lessons will cover bass-exclusive skills like slap bass, hammer-ons, playing bass with a pick instead of fingers, how to read rhythm and ghost notes.

The Fender Play courses are available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop. Anyone can sign up for 30-days free at play.fender.com after which it costs $9.99/£9.99 a month or you can save money by paying for a whole year at $89.99/£89.99.

Here’s what’s new with Bass lessons on Fender Play:
  • NEW BASS INSTRUCTORS: Learn from top bass instructors Pete Griffin, Chelsea Stevens, Ozzy Carmona, Nikki Stevens, Darren McGuire, Dan Ellis, Travis Dykes and Harley Duggan; they join the Fender Play team from prestigious schools, like Berklee College of Music and Musician’s Institute in Hollywood
  • SONGS: Play favorite bass-driven songs, including:
    “Basketcase” – Green Day
    “Everlong” – Foo Fighters
    “I Got You (I Feel Good)” – James Brown
    “Move On Up” – Curtis Mayfield
    “One Love” – Bob Marley
    “Push it” – Salt-N-Pepa
    “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” – The Ramones
  • MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLES: Easily see finger placement with “close up” shots designed for new players and a unique “over-the-shoulder” camera angle that captures the player’s point of view
  • VARIETY: Learn a blend of popular styles–including funk, rock, R&B, blues and pop
  • BASS IN CONTEXT: Leverage backing drum loops and click tracks–as featured in Fender Tune Player Pack–and learn how to lock in with the rhythm section. Many bass songs also feature corresponding guitar lessons, designed as complements, so players can practice with friends
  • SKILLS: Explore five levels and hundreds of lessons teaching reading and counting rhythm, slap bass, how to jam with a drummer, slides, walking bass, moveable patterns, playing with a pick, arpeggios, building basslines and more. Learn a skill, then play a song using those techniques
  • TOOLS: Look up concepts with the “Bass Glossary” and easily follow along with song tablature
  • TRACK PROGRESS: See progress in real time on a dashboard tracking number of songs/riffs, courses and lessons completed