Sonos have opened up their platform to support IFTTT which will allows third parties to create exciting custom functions for the speaker.

IFTTT (If This Then That) will become one of the first third parties to use Sonos’ new API to control the platform using the web-based service’s ‘applets’ . New functions include the speaker turning off when you leave the house, music pausing when the phone rings, and a bunch of other integrations with other smart devices around your home.

IFTTT is a free online service which allows you to create chains that will activate depending on other connected actions. For example, with Sonos you can use IFTTT chains to set it up so that your Smart doorbell chimes through your Sonos with a specific song, start Sonos when you arrive back home, or activate your lights to work in synchronisation with your listening activity and many more possibilities.

IFTTT use with Sonos is currently in beta whilst they work out the kinks and fully discover the potential for the integration. To get things started Sonos have created a bunch of their own functions to use with their speakers. Currently Sonos is only available as an action for IFTTT and isn’t currently a trigger that can start other activitise however this might be changed in the future as it progresses out of beta.

Sonos say: “IFTTT opens up millions of possibilities for customising your smart home with Sonos in new and exciting ways. Create Applets or recipes to send commands to Sonos using the “then that” section of your command, also known as the “action”. We’re looking forward to hearing and seeing what you’ve set up with Sonos and IFTTT and want you to share cool ideas and Applets in the board here.”

Explore all the new possibilities with IFTTT and Sonos with their list of functions available here: