Fender are launching a new range of their highly regarded Mustang modelling amps with WiFi and Bluetooth so you can control and change your tone all through an app.

Fender’s Mustang apps are a divisive bunch – they feature wicked amp modelling that lets you choose between a variety of Fender amp sounds. Some complain that it takes away the naturality of the sound – it’s debatable, but whatever you think Fender’s new Mustang GT series looks sexy, packs a punch and gives you hundreds of possibilities.

The old Mustang amps allowed you to connect to your computer via USB to alter the sounds and add more. The Mustang GTs take that to the next level with inbuilt wireless connections letting you use an app on your phone to wirelessly connect. Using your phone you can create tones, change amps, add and remove effects and more to create your perfect sound straight from an app.

The new Mustang GT series comes in 3 different sizes; the Stereo GT 40 is the cheapest for $249. After that there is the Mono GT 100 for $399 and the Stereo GT 200 at the top end for $599. With a bluetooth connection the amps can also play music from bluetooth devices (i.e. smartphones) making it a powerful music speaker as well!

Here are all of the upgrades:

  • New models and effects with even more realism, increased signal path flexibility, more realistic response, “setlist” support and effects spillover when changing presets—we’ve updated everything about our digital modeling.
  • Mustang GT is the world’s first Bluetooth and WiFi-equipped amplifier. You can easily stream music, program the amp remotely, access Fender artist-created presets and connect directly with a community of other creative players.
  • Mustang GT includes artist-specific presets—the actual sounds from the studio and stage, created by the artists themselves. No one else has Fender’s access to inspiring artists across such a wide variety of genres.
  • The free, exclusive Fender Tone app adds one-touch control to the Mustang GT’s power and connects to Fender Digital for learning and sharing presets. Fender Tone makes it easy to upgrade the Mustang GT series’ already impressive capabilities, adding even more power and presets created by Fender artists and players just like you.
  • The optional 4-button footswitch (included with Mustang GT 200) provides hands-free control of effects and the looper, making Mustang GT a performing powerhouse.

You can shop for your own Mustang GT amp here: shop.fender.com/en-GB/mustang-gt