Image Credit: Google

Learn about the origins of clubbing and play around with fun AR tools in the Music, Makers and Machines online exhibition.

A new permanent virtual exhibit from Google Arts & Culture and YouTube has launched online, and it celebrates the history of electronic music. Music, Makers & Machines explores its original inventors, iconic artists, sounds and technology.

The exhibition is the culmination of the work of 50 international institutions, festivals, record labels and experts from the industry, joining forces to explore the culture of electronic music. There’s a huge range of 250 online exhibitions, photos, videos, 3D scans and 360° tours to explore.

The exhibit features educational content highlighting the titans from electronic music history who helped to shape the scene through the 126 years from inventor Thaddeus Cahill’s world-first electromechanical musical instrument to the bedroom beatmakers of today. There’s in depth nostalgic details about the most important studios, instruments and clubs, and a welcome spotlight on the often overlooked work of Black, female and queer figures from electronic music history.

Google Arts & Culture said: “Electronic music brings people together from all walks of life and from all over the world. Its community has always been one of creativity and shared experiences. And while it may take a while until club doors open again, fans and musicians keep connected through new online forums and formats. We hope that Music, Makers & Machines will let you explore and appreciate the stories of electronic music and celebrate the creativity of its makers.”

Augmented reality tools let users have a go with sequencers and synths to create patterns and play with loops, inspired by iconic machines like the Memorymoog and Fairlight CMI Music Station.

Like previous tool ‘Play a Kandinsky’, Google Arts & Culture again shows a talent for laying out complicated information in an immersive, exciting way.

Get lost in electronic music with Music, Makers & Machines here.