Image Credit: Black Lives in Music

The BLiM initiative will identify diversity issues, campaign for change and support Black musicians in the UK.

Yesterday saw the launch of a new initiative for Black musicians and industry professionals in the UK. Black Lives in Music will seek to empower musicians and push for equality in the music industry.

The key goals for the organisation are to remove barriers and provide opportunities at a grassroots level for Black creators. Black Lives In Music was founded by Help Musicians trustee Charisse Beaumont and musician and teacher Roger Wilson, a musician and teacher who has worked with artists including James Brown.

Currently there’s a lack of data and reports that shine a light on Black musicians’ social and economic experiences and wellbeing. Beginning immediately, the Black Lives in Music Experience Survey will gather research to gain a deeper understanding of a range of diversity issues, including mental health, racial discrimination and economic factors.

Findings will be published in May in the first of annual Black Lives in Music reports. You can take part here.

Co-founder Roger Wilson said: “We need you to be part of it… To do this for you and your future. If you do, it will make a difference!”

The plan is for the organisation to also work with orchestras, ensembles, universities, conservatoires, operas and festivals. Black Lives in Music’s task force includes jazz heavyweight Shabaka Hutchings, and Chair of the Ivors Jazz Committee Orphy Robinson.

Co-founder Charisse Beaumont said: “We are bringing together all Black musicians and music professionals for this research in order to create change. Your participation will make this data, which currently doesn’t exist, the most powerful data set about black musicians in the world which will be used to drive positive and lasting change.”