Bright Light’s affordable Synthspace VR modular synthesizer is now available

Image Credit: Bright Light

Plug in patch cords and make crazy beats all in virtual reality, with Synthspace now available on Steam.

Bright Light have long been developing their way of recreating the physical nature of a modular synth in VR form. Initially a crowdfunded project, the audio production software is now available to purchase on Steam. Synthspace takes virtual instruments to a whole new level.

Modular synthesizers are made up of individual modules to manipulate sounds, which can be connected however desired. Synthspace puts the wacky and expensive world of modular synths in software form, or as Bright Light puts it: “A room full of synths for the price of a nice lunch.” It does of course require a VR headset to use.

Developer Markus Hofer said: “Whenever a new technology arrives, my first thoughts are: how can I use this for making music? The fantastic thing about VR is that it frees us from our screens and mice and keyboards. Suddenly we can use our hands again and we have the entire room to play in.

Synthspace is my attempt to capture the physicality of a modular synthesizer, while adding in all sorts of magical bits that are only possible in a virtual world.”

Synthspace lets users create whatever experimental electronic music they’d like, with sequencers, samples, and effects. The early access software offers over 40 modules, an interactive lesson and LIV support which allows users to record themselves inside virtual reality with a webcam. Users can import their own samples and share their setups with other users.

Synthspace is available to download now for $32.86. Check it out here.

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