Three of the world’s favourite electronic producers come together to celebrate their friendship in a massive new track.

Get your ears around this incredibly hot new track that will have you dancing all weekend. Coming from a mutual respect and friendship between 3 of our favourite producers this track was destined to be a modern classic.

They all came together over Ahrix’s 2013 hit Nova which helped to inspire Alan Walker to produce and become the star he is today. In honour of their shared love for electronic music, each other and out of respect for the bedroom producer they joined forces for this mega hit.

K-391 says on the YouTube video:

The “home studio”, AKA the bedroom, is where it all started out for us.

It was those countless hours in the night spent finding new sounds, techniques, plug-ins; basically anything we could get our hands on for free 😉, that made us who we are today. It’s also where we found another home: the producer community.

It was Ahrix’s original version of ‘Nova’ that brought us together in the first place in 2013 – and seven years on in 2020, we wanted to collaborate and bring the track back to the modern day; that’s how ‘End of Time’ came about.

With ‘End of Time’, we want to pay respect to all the music and producers that came before us, while also giving an opportunity for the next wave of bedroom producers out there who have yet to get a chance.

Pay tribute.

Until the end of time.

K, Alan, Arjen

It has already been featured in some of Spotify’s biggest playlists including ‘This Is Alan Walker‘ with over 1 million followers and ‘New Music Friday Deutschland‘ and ‘It’s Hits Sweden‘ which both have well over 500,000 followers tuning in.