“No two ears hear the same, including yours” is the premise behind Even’s earphones that tune to you.

A lot of earphones seem to be coming out these days that fine-tune themselves to your ear’s own personal blueprint like Nura headphones. ‘Even’ are hoping to stand out from the crowd with their adaptive earphones with their reasonable cost.

Even compare the way we hear to how we see, saying on their website: “Did you know each of us hears sound differently? And we hear differently in our left and right ears. Yet all other earphones are stuck in one setting. Imagine if all eyeglasses had the same prescription.

“We know that someday soon we’ll all listen this way, with sound shaped to your unique hearing. Even is a collaboration between engineers, artists and everyday listeners who together are reinventing the listening experience.”

earphones adapted to you hearing headphones

The in-ear earphones use Even’s EarPrint technology to measure your hearing and adapt the sound output to your specific hearing. It uses a small test to decipher the best sound for you by testing you on different frequencies, volumes, and positioning.

After two years of working on “like glasses for your ears” Even’s team has been assembled and created their new earphones that “figure out how you hear, make the sound adapt to your ears, to give you an incredible, breakthrough listening experience that will remind you why and how you fell in love with music and sound in the first place.”


At just $99 the earphones are a definite competitor against the more expensive ‘tuned to your ears’ audio products. You can get a taster of how the tech works on the Even website, where a small test will work out how your left and right ears pick up sound and let you preview music mixed normally, and then tuned to your ears how they would sound through Even earphones.

You can order a pair for yourself at the limited time introductory price of $99 here.