Bose release new build-it-yourself Bluetooth speaker for kids


Bose have released their new Speaker Cube, a kid-friendly speaker that children build themselves step-by-step.

Speaker Cube is the first in Bose’s new BOSEbuild range, which will offer a variety of easily assembled products that aim to get kids thinking about science, technology, engineering, and math whilst also teaching them about how everyday products that we take for granted work.

The cube shaped (you don’t say) speaker comes unassembled which the child, or adult it doesn’t seem age inclusive, then constructs using a companion app (unfortunately only available on iOS). The app gives step-by-step instructions for its construction as well as extra features that show you how speakers work – in terms that kids can understand.

children speaker bluetooth Bose DIY

The Speaker Cube teaches kids about the essentials behind how speakers work to reproduce music, how electromagnets function and are used in a speaker. Bose hope to inspire a new generation of children to get interested in science and engineering with a product that is modern and intriguing that also requires their active participation in the process of.

Once it’s constructed you can connect to the speaker via Bluetooth on Smartphones, Tablets and Bluetooth enabled PCs and laptops. The speaker can change colour and you can use it to stream music like other Bluetooth speakers but with the satisfaction that you, or your child, put it together themselves and learned some valuable skills in the process.

You can purchase your own BOSEbuild Speaker Cube now for $149 from the BUILDbose website.

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